Our History

Established in 2016, Hohokafu has been engaged in promoting worldwide understanding and appreciation of Chanoyu culture and international exchange through Chanoyu.
Chanoyu has a long history over 400 years and it is considered a comprehensive synthesis of the Japanese culture, and that its philosophy and aesthetics embody such representative ideals as simplicity, reticence, suggestion, and subtlety.
We have been offering tea gatherings overseas, conducting courses lectures, workshops to experience Chado for non-Japanese at educational institutions overseas, and also providing consulting services to support the organization and individuals trying to promote Japanese culture globally.

Our Mission and Values

Conveying and spreading the culture and the wisdom of Chado, the Way of Tea beyond national borders.
Refined sensitivity and the rich sense of beauty,
Behavior based on the spirit of deep compassion,
Hohokafu was born with the aim of passing on them to the next generation.

Our logo "MUSUBI , Knot". 

In Japanese culture, the knot has been valued as a source of great power since ancient times, and people have tied knots and ribbons beautifully and carefully with deep prayer.
With the neatness and decentness of tying knot to respect others, Hohokafu connects people to people, Japan to the rest of the world, and ties up relationships.